Recycling and the Greater St. Louis Book Fair



It’s a few days late for Earth Day, but the legendary Portland bookstore Powell’s made this graphic available so that readers can share their passion for recycling used books this week. Locally there is no better way to exercise this passion than by attending the Greater St. Louis Book Fair, which starts today with $10 admission from 4-10 pm. The fair then becomes free for the rest of the weekend, with a half-price day on Sunday and a day for certified 501(c)3 nonprofits on Monday. Of course, when it comes to sharing books, your public library cannot be topped, but the GSLBF is a regionally significant celebration of the printed word that benefits a host of educational and literacy nonprofits. Have fun treasure-hunting this weekend.

Speaking of recycling, Scribbler gladly re-offers its own primer to the weekend’s activities: last year’s post The Stages of the St. Louis Book Fair.


About eplundgren

Adult Services Provider and coordinator of the STL Scribblers group at Central Library in St. Louis, MO.
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