Six Imperfectly Remembered Quotes from William Gass Event


1. “God, I hate readings.”

2. “I used to assign Colette in my classes, but American students don’t go for her. They understand all about sex, but nothing about sensuality.”

3. On contemporary writing: “It’s too personal for my taste. The writers I came up with, we were all going for the work of art. Your bad marriage, that’s not a book.”

4. “I go to the typewriter after breakfast. Hopefully there is something there from the previous day to build from. If not, you start throwing things.”

5. On John Donne’s sermons: “We’ve lost his subject matter. A question like ‘What kind of clothes does an angel wear?’ used to be a matter of great importance. Now it’s sheer rhetoric. It’s like going to look at the Acropolis. We don’t worship their gods, but we can appreciate the edifice.”

6. “I think they’ve had enough of this.”


About eplundgren

Adult Services Provider and coordinator of the STL Scribblers group at Central Library in St. Louis, MO.
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